"Jump Start" your team!

Research shows that employees want to feel that they are part of the plan for the companies in which they work.They want to participate and contribute.We have a great way for your employees to do that.

Our "Jump Start" session is a brainstorming process that gets the whole team involved in solving problems, creating new customer service ideas, trouble-shooting process improvements, or improving communication.You decide on the question/issue to be considered.We lead the team through our "Six Hats" exercise to develop answers/solutions that they own.

Sessions usually last 2-3 hours.You provide the location, we facilitate the process.You leave the session with an energized team and ideas you can implement.Call us for more information or to schedule a session for your team.

Webinars keep your team energized during tough times!

Employees need training in good times and tough times.  To help you provide training in the most cost effective and time efficient way, we are offering many of our courses in webinar format.  Click on the "Webinars" tab to learn more.

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Good people make your company more valuable!

As any valuation specialist will tell you, having a good and stable management team in place can increase the value of your company.  For closely held companies, this is critical.  (Click here to read more...)


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